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NEW Cold Rooms at NAC2000 Ndola.

NAC2000 has a RELIABLE AND COST EFFECTIVE SOLUTION for the storage of your perishables products and other temperature sensitive items at our recently installed Cold Room at Ndola International Airport.

We have available two temperature regulated Cold Rooms with a total cold space of 80.35 cubic meters. This addition will allow for more perishable cargo to be flown directly into and out of Ndola to various international destinations.  


15thBirthday Celebrations NAC2000.

The NAC2000 team came up with the idea of “giving back” as part of our birthday celebrations.
Where better than Chelstone Clinic in Lusaka that caters for the catchment area our head office is located in.
The children’s ward has and is being given a much needed facelift by NAC2000 with fixing of the roof, mending and replacing the ceiling, painting, fixing and replacing bed head lamps, procuring and replacing ceiling lighting and wiring, curtains for windows and bed dividers and so forth. 
The first phase was handed over to the Ministry of Health-  Dr Zulu- Provincial Health Director- Lusaka Province, Dr Kasanda and acting Matron Sister Mukuka.
The second phase of the drapery will be complete in a fortnight and handed over as a part of our ongoing commitment to our community.
Third phase of bed side lamps- TBA
Any further works- TBA

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